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This is our 21st year in business!!! PTL

421 West Main St. Grand Prairie, Texas 75050...972-262-1907


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Welcome to Barbara's Home Page...972-262-1907

Business Hours this week:
Monday 12 - 3pm; Tuesday 8am - 6pm; Thursday 8am - 11am; Friday 10am - 6pm;

Saturday 9am - 3pm; Sunday Closed

I (Barbara) am usually available from 9am - 2pm Tuesday - Saturday to take your custom orders. Sometimes I have appointments away from the shop. Be sure & call to see if I am in the house...972-262-1907. (My hubby does not take these orders because he does not like to stay in the "DOG" house!) LOL

1/4th sheet cake with Fondant Baby Bump


8" round Sugar Free Cake


9"Fruit Lattice Top Pies 


Apple, Apricot, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, & Pineapple.


These 2 tier fondant cakes below are iced in homemade buttercreme and covered in fondant. The top tier is white, and the other tier may be a different flavor. Please order 1- 2 weeks in advance!


Sugar Free Cookies

Made with Sweet & Low plus Splenda!


We offer:  Chocolate Chip, Fancie with a chocolate center, Lemon Shortbread,

Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, & Raspberry Shortbread.

8" single layer Sugar Free Cake frosted in a Sugar Free Buttercreme Frosting



We offer: Chocolate Fudge, Italian Crème, Lemon, & Strawberry.

9"Sugar Free Crème Pies

Made with Sweet & Low!



We offer: Chocolate, Coconut, & Lemon.

FYI: We won the Best Sugar Free Dessert in the 2009 Taste of Arlington! PTL!


Sugar Free Central....

Serving Information

8" Round Cake serves 15-20 people, 1/4th Sheet Cake serves up to 25, 1/2 Sheet Cake serves up to 50

Full Sheet Cake serves up to 100, 2 Tier 6" + 8"= 40 people, please order in advance!

Custom 2D Shaped Fondant Cakes




Custom 3D Shaped Fondant Cakes (Top-of-the-line!)


Custom Chocolate Cakes with curls; etc


Round Stock Cakes (*Must order in advance.)


*Carrot, Chocolate cake/White buttercreme, German Chocolate, Italian Crème, Marble (1 layer white & 1 layer Chocolate), *Red Velvet, & Strawberry

Shaped Cookies...must order in advance.


Barbara's Stock Cookies 


Fancie, Lemon Teacake, M & M, Marble, Peanut Butter, Russian Teacake, Sprinkle, Snickerdoodle, Sugar, Brownie, Chocolate Chip, Grandma's, Lemon Bar, & Oatmeal Raisin.

Cake Central...

Cupcake Cakes 


Comes in white or chocolate cupcakes.

Assorted Cookie Basket

Comes with over 1+1/2 dozen assorted cookies.


Custom 2 & 3 Tier Fondant Cakes & Buttercreme with Fondant accents



Custom 2 Tier Buttercreme Cakes




Custom 3D Shaped Fondant Cakes (Top-of-the-line!)


Baby Shower Central....

Custom 1 & 2 Tier Fondant Cakes (top-of-the-line!)



 Custom 2d Fondant Baby Cakes  (They are laying on their sides.)


We deliver in the local Metro-plex for an additional fee. No shipping is available.

Custom Figure Piped Cakes



Custom 2 Tier Buttercreme Frosted with Fondant Accents


Custom Fondant Cakes


Custom Gender Reveal Cakes


These cakes are for the couple who want to reveal the sex of the baby in front of their families all at once. Inside the cake it is either pink or blue. Or for short notice, we will color the frosting between the layers pink or blue. They LOVE these cakes! What a surprise!

Barbara's Regular Cake Flavors:

Chocolate, Italian Creme, Strawberry & White are Award Winning! Other wonderful flavors include *Carrot & *Red Velvet. We do NOT offer Marble or 1/2 chocolate + 1/2 white @ this time.*Must order at least 1- 2 week in advance.

The top tier must be white, and the bottom tier may be chocolate or white.

Custom 2D Shaped Buttercreme Iced Cakes


Custom Buttercreme Iced Cakes with Fondant Artwork  


Custom Figure Piped Cakes


1/4th Sheet Cake Baby-under-the-blanket


Custom Fondant decorated Cupcakes 


Custom Fondant decorated shaped Baby Cookies 



Baby Petit Fours


9" Crème Pies ...must order in advance!


Banana, Chocolate, & Coconut

9" Pecan Pie 


Homemade Pie Central....

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Petit Fours

Fruit Bread

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Custom Mini Cakes 

Our chocolate dipped strawberries 


 Sugar Free Cupcakes


We offer: Chocolate Fudge, Italian Crème, Lemon, & Strawberry.

FYI...we won the "Taste of Grand Prairie" 6 times..."Taste of Arlington" 2 times, in the top 5 of the Channel 8 WFAA "Best Dessert" category...Fleur-de-lis "Best Decorated" booth award...& the 2011 Oscar for the "Small Business of the Year!" PTL!!!

Gourmet Cake Balls


Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Fudge, Coconut, German Chocolate, Italian Crème, Oreo, Red Velvet, Strawberry, & White.

Gourmet Cupcakes


Carrot, Fudge, German Chocolate, Italian Crème, Lemon, Red Velvet, Strawberry, & White.

Custom 2 Tier Cakes




Prices are subject to change without notice!

10" Cheesecake (Must order in advance!)


We offer: Plain, Caramel Turtle Fudge, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Cherry Filled, Marble Curls, & Glazed Strawberry.

Cheesecake Central....



Boston Crème, Black Forest, & Glazed Strawberry.

Custom 3 & 4 Tier Cakes       





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Gender reveal cakes
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